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Dear Rodeo

I won a few buckles and a good bit of money in my day.  The only trophy saddle I have to sitting on a stand is from winning Junior Rodeo Queen, but from the view I'm looking at as an adult I have so much more than that to show.. Because of those years on the road, miles traveled and weekend after weekend doing the sport I love, this is what I won.    

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The Good The Bad The Ugly

Hey Sis, I hope all is well your way. Life has been a little of a whirlwind around here lately. With purchasing a new home my life has been chaotic and messy to say the least. From packing boxes 2 weeks before we closed on our home to be "ready", to then walking into our home for the first time as new homeowners and postponing the move another week to make sure everything was how we wanted it on the inside (a story for another day). You know all the things that come along with moving... boxes upon boxes on the inside needing unpacked. Clothes in the spare room piled up to go through and get rid of. Or how about my...

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Meet Brandie

Hey y'all!! I am Brandie, the owner of The Ranchy Peach! I am married to the sweetest and most gentle man, Blake and together we have a handsome one year old son, Hayes. Blake is a high school football and baseball coach, so you can imagine how busy our life is, however, I love livin' this life as a coach's wife.  Two months after Hayes was born, so was The Ranchy Peach. Plans were in place for a new store opening soon and there we would make our debut. In June of 2018, we became a vendor inside of This is Home for Us in a small, one light town by the name of Whigham, Ga.. 

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