All things sweet, like a Georgia peach!

  • Dear Rodeo

    I won a few buckles and a good bit of money in my day.  The only trophy saddle I have to sitting on a stand is from winning Junior Rodeo Queen, but from the view I'm looking at as an adult I have so much more than that to show.. Because of those years on the road, miles traveled and weekend after weekend doing the sport I love, this is what I won.    

  • The Good The Bad The Ugly

    Hey Sis, I hope all is well your way. Life has been a little of a whirlwind around here lately. With purchasing a new home my life has been chaotic...
  • Saturday Morning in the South

    During the summer in a gibber jabber conversation with Hayes, I over heard Blake tell him he couldn't wait..
  • Meet Brandie

    Hey y'all!!

    I am Brandie, the owner of The Ranchy Peach! I am married to the sweetest and most gentle man, Blake and together we have a handsome one year old son, Hayes. Blake is a high school football and baseball coach, so you can imagine how busy our life is, however, I love livin' this life as a coach's wife. 

    Two months after Hayes was born, so was The Ranchy Peach. Plans were in place for a new store opening soon and there we would make our debut. In June of 2018, we became a vendor inside of This is Home for Us in a small, one light town by the name of Whigham, Ga..