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Are you an Influencer?

    This past Saturday a friend text me about coffee creamer.. Not just any coffee creamer. It was Pistachio Creamer. She told me that since I introduced her to it, that is all she uses in her coffee. Funny thing is, that is the kind I buy every grocery run, too!
 Our conversation went from the creamer to how to make it even better by "frothing" it.. (is that the right terminology?) Anyways, stick with me here.. she told me I had influenced her to try this coffee a few months back and now she had a milk frother on the way within 5 seconds of me talking it up. 
   I've thought about that conversation a lot - not because it was that intriguing, but because of the person who it was with. As she told me "you should be an influencer" in a text and total sarcasm I'm sure of, little did she know she's been influencing me, too. 
  As a a wife and mother, I find myself admiring people that have been down the road before me of wifely duties and motherhood. I love their stories of "I remember when my boys were.." and the "Don't blink it goes by so fast". Two phrases that this same person has said to me on numerous occasions. I have admired her in so many ways and I have loved the friendship built from her visits to my store to the little home church we attend. 
  While a simple conversation was about coffee creamer and a milk frother (LOL) it has led me here asking myself.."Am I truly influential in other aspects of my life besides just sharing what I find to make my coffee better?" I know I can always strive to be better.. we all can, right? But I am going to take a different approach at self reflection. Instead of "being better" I want to be influential. 
May your coffee be strong and sweet.. ☕️
Xo, B ⚡️
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