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I'm Brandie, and I'm the proud owner of

The Ranchy Peach

Let me share a bit about who we are and what we're all about!

Exterior view of The Ranchy Peach

Our Origin Story

The Ranchy Peach was born just two months after my handsome son, Hayes. The idea of this boutique had been brewing for a while, and plans were already underway for our grand debut. In June of 2018, we took our first steps as a vendor inside "This is Home for Us," a charming little shop in the one-light town of Whigham, Georgia.

As our table rental evolved, so did our online presence. Word spread quickly, and we were well on our way to turning my dream into a reality. After a few months in business, it became clear that we had outgrown our space within the store, and it was time to expand to our own booth. The transformation was exciting, and by the beginning of November, we had settled into our new space, which has been thriving ever since.

Our Roots Run Deep

The foundation of The Ranchy Peach lies in my upbringing and the Western way of life. I grew up with family values firmly rooted in this lifestyle. My sisters and I spent our childhoods on the backs of horses while my momma ran a western wear store, and my daddy organized Junior Rodeos and Team Pennings at our family arena.

We kept the rodeo trail hot, traveling all over Georgia and even into Florida, participating in junior rodeos, high school events, and open rodeo ranks. Once you're a part of this lifestyle, it stays with you forever.

A Touch of the West, a Dash of Southern Charm

Hailing from South Georgia, I noticed that Western Wear stores weren't on every corner, and cowboy boots weren't the daily attire for most folks.

The vision behind The Ranchy Peach is to bring a little bit of Western heritage and Southern charm together.

While I'm an Insurance Agent by trade and can't wear boots and a tee every day, it doesn't mean it's not my all-time favorite outfit.

My 9-to-5 job requires lipstick, mascara, and a dressy wardrobe, but my cowgirl spirit still shines through. That's why, at The Ranchy Peach, you'll find a little bit of everything.

From everyday business jewelry and clothing to those Western turquoise pieces and graphic tees that cowgirls adore!
Interior view of The Ranchy Peach


Come on down and pay us a visit. We'd love to meet you, share some stories, and help you find that special something that captures your cowgirl soul. We're not just a boutique; we're a family!

1190 US HWY 84 W , Cairo, GA, United States, Georgia

Monday to Wednesday: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Thursday to Friday: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Saturday: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Sunday: Closed

Dress to Impress with The Ranchy Peach

I'm truly grateful that you've stopped by our store, and I hope we have the privilege of dressing you in some of the latest and most fashionable clothing around.

Y'all come back now, ya hear?