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Hey y'all!!

I am Brandie, the owner of The Ranchy Peach! I am married to the sweetest and most gentle man, Blake and together we have a handsome son, Hayes. Blake is a high school football and baseball coach, so you can imagine how busy our life is, however, I love livin' this life as a coach's wife. 

Two months after Hayes was born, so was The Ranchy Peach. Plans were in place for a new store opening soon and there we would make our debut. In June of 2018, we became a vendor inside of This is Home for Us in a small, one light town by the name of Whigham, Ga.. 

As plans started evolving for our table rental. so did our social media pages. The word was out and we were on our way to making a dream of mine become a reality. After a few months in business, my husband and I saw fit that we had outgrown the space of our table in the store and it was time to expand to a booth. The transformation was in place and by the beginning of November we were in our new space and it has been thriving every since.


The back story of it all starts with my childhood and the lifestyle I was raised on. Growing up our family values were based around the Western Way of life. My sisters and I were raised on the back of a horse. While momma ran a western wear store, my daddy put on Junior Rodeo’s and Team Penning’s at our family arena in our young((est)) years. HA!! We continued to keep the rodeo trail hot every weekend travelling through Georgia and down into Florida from junior rodeos all the way up to high school and open rodeo ranks.. Once you are a part of this lifestyle it will forever remain in your blood.

Being from South Georgia, you will not find a Western Wear store in every town you pass through nor will you see much of the Western clothing worn around the area on a daily basis.  The vision of “The Ranchy Peach” is to bring a little of the western heritage and southern charm together. I’m an Insurance Agent by trade which doesn’t allow me to wear boots and a tee every day, but that doesn’t mean it’s not an all-time favorite outfit. Being in the public eye from 9-5 Monday – Friday requires lipstick and mascara, a dressy wardrobe and a whole lot of coffee. Within this site you will find a little bit of everything. From everyday business jewelry and clothing to the western turquoise and graphic tees we cowgirls love.  

I am grateful for you stopping by our store and hope we have the privilege of dressing you in some the latest and fashionable clothing around. 






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