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Saturday Morning in the South

Saturday Morning in the South

I woke up this morning to a tired eyed man, who I also call my husband asking if we needed diapers.. He goes on to say "I'll pick them up after Hayes and I  have breakfast." 

During the summer in a gibber jabber conversation with Hayes, I over heard Blake tell him he couldn't wait to take him to breakfast on Saturday mornings after football games. Of course our one year old had no idea what that truly meant and he probably won't for a while, but I  do. I knew what it meant at that very moment when I heard it. 


For a little insight to a reader who may not realize the truths about the game:

A high school coach of any sport has very limited time with their children. It is summer workouts, practice, games, Sunday meetings and so on.. Many refer to the coach's wife as a "Coach's widow" during season. Morbid to some? Maybe. But the reality of it is true. While said coach is instilling hardwork and discipline to his team giving encouragement, love and a pat on the back to someone else's child, his own child or children are anxiously awaiting his arrival at home. Some days are earlier than most, but others that coach rolls in to only grab a quick bite to eat and make the best of the little time that is left before bedtime.

Our season kicked off last night at our home field, so today our Saturday Morning in the South took a whole new meaning.

A breakfast date, just a coach and his favorite boy! I feel certain these mornings are going to add up and one day Hayes will tell his daddy how much he loved that time with him. 

My boys just returned home and I'm off to enjoy a day with the two of them.

XO - Brandie


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