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The Good The Bad The Ugly

The Good The Bad The Ugly

Hey Sis,

I hope all is well your way. Life has been a little of a whirlwind around here lately. With purchasing a new home my life has been chaotic and messy to say the least. From packing boxes 2 weeks before we closed on our home to be "ready", to then walking into our home for the first time as new homeowners and postponing the move another week to make sure everything was how we wanted it on the inside (a story for another day). You know all the things that come along with moving... boxes upon boxes on the inside needing unpacked. Clothes in the spare room piled up to go through and get rid of. Or how about my two year old's room that has boxes in it and the only time we go in there now is to change his diaper and take out and put up clothes. Soon we will be settled but for now there is so much more to do. 

Like finish building the chicken coop for my "80's Ladies" this week thanks to my husband. Oh and ... finish the new home for TRP!!  To say I'm excited about that is an understatement. If you are apart of our Facebook Group (click this link to join https: you know all about the Boutique Room, BUT if not let me enlighten you.. 

For starters it was bittersweet to leave that place. A lot of time was spent there and to be honest it was NEVER perfectly "neat". I would try, but being a wife, mother, cook and housekeeper plus working a 9-5 running this business and then packaging orders it just wasn't. If you ever visited our home and wanted to "check out" what I had during our visit I can bet the first words out of my mouth were probably "excuse the mess". The mess was mine (and Hayes') and I could work around it so all was well. When we moved there, there was probably about 4 boxes labeled "Boutique Room". However, upon packing up to move into our new home there was a trailer load to move. A TRAILER LOAD!! We went from 4 boxes, to a trailer - within 12 months! I say this humble and thankful for the blessings upon my business, however let's break it down.

The growth was GOOD!! We found steady growth through that year in our rental home and I worked my booty off to climb.In March of this year, my best friend Jessica and I had a talk.. I was scared -- COVID-19 was in the states and shut downs were happening. I made comment to her "get ready to work every weekend after this having pop ups because I do not know what is going to happen with my business." She reassured me everything was going to be fine and to continue on working hard to make it even better. AND THAT.. is just what I did! Through the pandemic I buckled down, hit goals I had been dreaming of and set the bar higher each time. With every new sale I would  dance a little jig and with every new state that was added to our map I shouted to the roof tops "Blake TRP is headed to _________!!!'  (another story from another time). 

We are coming up on YEAR T W O of being in business and I can whole heartedly say it hasn't always been good. There has been BAD.. mixed in with the good. Some of the bad includes not having enough time in the day to get everything done. Sounds little, but being in this business there is ALWAYS something to do. Or the feeling like you are drowning and needing a tall drink with a week long vacation. You see, when you pour your whole heart into something it consumes your life. From every thought of every day. It is hard trying to balance everything and stay afloat. There has also been the feeling of not being "good enough" or understanding your style may not be someones cup of tea and that is okay. But then there is the UGLY.. 

and seeing the UGLY has brought tears.. Tears of fear, tears of doubt and tears of hurt. Miranda Lambert said "word gets around in a small town" and that is definitely true. There have been naysayers,  badmouthers and event spiteful tactics. Coming to the realization that everyone isn't always for you is eye opening. I've always been a girl who wears her heart on her sleeve and somewhere in the last two years I've had to force it to find a new place. I'm cheering for those who may not be cheering for me, it may be silent, but I am cheering. I am taking every day in full stride knowing that no matter what it is in life everyone will not always be in my corner. BUT how I react to each situation WILL make me better. 

So there you have it.. a summary of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly from my standpoint. For now MY focus is on another year of growing, expanding, exceeding goals, and pouring my heart into TRP!! 

Thank you for being apart of our Posse!! Stay tuned for the details on the new home for TRP! 


Xo, Brandie

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