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-Hot Tar Sauces

Made from Habanero Peppers, we are a proud affiliate of Hot Tar Sauces. 

Made right here in Cairo, Ga the honey is pure and raw, the vinegar is aged to perfection and all products are infused by hand. 


Use Hot Tar products on signature dishes like: Lace Cornbread, Devil Eggs, Seafood, Vegetables and so much more. 

The History:

"Mark Bradley created his Hot Tar brand after his hobby of growing and cultivating hot peppers—particularly habaneros—fused with his love of cooking delicious food for family and friends. Starting with Hot Tar’s signature product, habanero-infused tartar sauce, Hot Tar’s product offerings have now grown to include habanero-infused honey, vinegar, cocktail sauce and hush puppy mix." - Aly Walansky


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